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    After removing an old theme, the color of the messaging app never changed. I installed the original theme, but the colors are still stuck. If I install a new theme, it ends up leaving my messages with a white background and white letters. Currently, the messages are light blue and the backgroun is orange, makes it tough to read. I am not great with the programming aspect, any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Please search for other threads related to this topic first. You will probably see though that you may be out of luck and must use either webOS repair utility or the webOS doctor. Sorry for your luck.
    Try this thread first
    Army ACU Theme - Download Version 0.0.9
    24 Theme - Download Version 0.2.2
    Orangish Theme - Download Version 0.3.0
    Chelsea F.C. Theme - Download Version 0.0.5

    Much of the work on themes and the posts on how to's take time. Feel free to donate if you feel so inclined.

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