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    A great classy Texas A&M University theme would be great for us alumni who don't need the sawed off horns, etc. Football, Aggie Ring, Bonfire, Buildings, Reveille are all things that I would like to see.

    Would also like to see a visually pleasing Rottweiler theme. I have several and love them dearly and would love a great Rottie theme. My boy's dad is Gil v.Hause Milsped if that's somewhere you want to start for ideas.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I will do a Texas A&M theme, if and after UT wins on Nov 26th. If you are not familiar with my themes (I only have 2 so far - search for "Dallas-Cowboys" and "Texas-Longhorns"), they are extremely detailed, taking about 60+ man hours each. So I should have it ready for you sometime in early to mid-December.

    Gig 'em!

    Hook 'em!

    Robert MacKay
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    Well, I can't say I hope those tea sippers win on Thanksgiving, but if that's what it takes to get a darn good Aggie theme, (as good as that cowboys theme which I am currently installing for the wife), then so be it! What the heck am I saying? Noooooo!!!

    Go Ags!!!! Saw Varsity's Horns Off!

    Thank you for the great contributions either way, Robert

    Gig 'em!

    p.s. - all that BlazerDogs asks within Aggie theme is right on. Classy, not just football and not that sawed-off version out there. A little of everything that represents what A&M and being an Aggie is all about.
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    Will also nudge this request for TAMU theme.

    But why wait for Thanksgiving? heheheh...
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    Sorry, I just can't do anything for TAMU until after Thanksgiving. If we (Texas) win, you will get one super-fine, super-classy, super-detailed Aggie theme! A small price to pay for a masterpiece theme, no?
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    yeah, why wait for Thanksgiving??? We won't tell that a horn made it.

    While we wait, could you make a rottweiler one? I would be so happy.
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    Would have preferred an Aggie win by far...but did want to get this rolling since we didn't. Fun game to watch if had not been personally invested.
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    Here's an easier way to access a quick check on battery life, date/time, wi-fi/bluetooth settings, etc.

    Instead of tapping on the battery icon on the top right; tap on the time on the upper panel...much easier to access.
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    I'm also interested in a Texas Aggie theme - just installed your Dallas Cowboy theme today - awesome work!
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    the only question i have is how do you remove themes.
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    rmackay....still waiting
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazerDogs View Post
    rmackay....still waiting
    Heck yeah!
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    Still waitin' on my Pre... hopeful that the two will come about the same time?

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