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    So, i just posted some of this over at Prethemer, but nobody's been there for over a week. Ok,
    1. Im basically done editing everything i want, but now im not sure what
    a. css file, it's not in any of the five or six themes ive unzipped, if they are there, where, and how do i modify this?
    b. I have just downloaded nnp, which was supposed to allow me to edit the xml file, but it's not an exe, its more like a plugin, so i need something to edit the xml file
    c. If there are files that nolonger exist on the xml file do i have to delete them?
    d. After i finally figure out all this mess, what's the best way to upload it to a zip file?
    I realize this is obnoxious, but ive read EVERYTHING i can find to help myself and i think im going a bit batty so for answers to these and anything further is very appreciated. Thanks guys...

    ps. my theme will probably stink after all this
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    just usd prethemer to make & upload your theme. It will do everything for you.
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