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    Yea i downloaded MW2 theme and remove it but its still here is there a defult theme to over write it i are ready did a full reset So PLEASE HELP
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    DO A SEARCH, I mean really how many of these threads do we have to go through before we all just quit helping?
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    Why don't you try making your thread title a bit more descriptive? For all we know from your title you need help with factoring polynomials.


    Always remove the original theme before adding a new one. If you don't, all the new theme does is cover up the old one and there will still be parts of the old theme that the new one doesn't change.
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    i downloaded a theme and then i downloaded another theme without removing the previous one by accident.....i removed both themes back to my default and now the icons are mixed in......some icons are default....but other icons didnt go away...its all to i fix this??
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    ok the only way i remember this working for me was with themer on quick install, go to themer in options and revert to default, i tried this after i couldn't remove the theme because of forgetting to remve it before i installed recovery emergency patch, so i tried everything, at last i gave themer a shot, just revert to default. it might or might not work.
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    To remove all patches (tweaks) and themes and restore without losing data use the webOS Repair Utility with Options->Compatibility Override checked.[/I]

    - Craig
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    Corrected thread title to match content.

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