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    Okay, so like a lot of people I have part of a theme stuck on my phone.

    But it's not typically stuck like it has been stuck in the past. Usually when it's stuck, WebOSQI will tell me that my current theme is the stuck one. However, WebOSQI thinks that I'm using the Default Theme and I mostly am except for two things:

    The Launcher Background
    The Dialpad keys

    Both of these are holding over from the theme I removed. I've run WebOSRepairUtility and although it replaced a few stylesheets, these two items are still there. Further, the items can't be themed over, so even if I install a different theme, those two things are there.

    Does anyone have the original files for these that I can try to restore in WebOSRepairUtility?
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    I had this problem too once. But I found a post that had a link to the original 1.2 WebOS theme and just installed that using WebOS Quick install - now everything is good again (BTW - I've only got WebOS 1.1.3 installed and the 1.2 theme worked fine).

    The package file can be found here:

    And just seach for "1.2 default theme" to find the original thread.

    Good luck.

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