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    when im in quick install there is not an option to switch themes, what am i doing wrong, cant get any to insall.
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    someone please help, so lost.
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    if you already have a theme on your phone. And you installed it via quick install you will need to "revert to default" which is under themer under the file tab. This will remove ur theme and put the default theme back on ur phone. Then you can put a new theme on ur pre. If you installed ur theme via preware remove it that way. Always remove a theme the way you installed it.
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    currently dont have any theme on and I am trying to put one on. tried in preware but get an error downloading the scripts. in webos quick install there is nothing in the drop down menu for "themes" is that because i currently dont have one installed?
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    that error message is not really an error message in preware. Just click ok then it will ask for lunar restart which will restart ur phone. When it comes back on you will have ur theme. Just be sure to remove it before putting another on. And yes that's why you don't see a theme in quick install.
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    i have installed several but never asks for a resatart. once downloaded its asking for a script to download, so I say ok. then has error and cant get past that.

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