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    Requesting a theme for the Detroit Red Wings, one of the greatest sports franchises in sports history..

    Looking for something like this..
    Philadelphia Flyers Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer

    I know, there is already a Detroit Red Wings theme at Prethemer, but I like the crispness of that Flyers theme. I have sent a request to the author of the Flyers theme and he is very busy.

    So I come here, to the great Precentral forums, and ask you, can you make a clean crisp Detroit Red Wings theme?

    I am willing to donate..

    Thanks in advance,

    EDIT:Oh and just a couple things..I'd like the unlock button to be the Detroit Red Wings logo and also have that logo be the launcher icon if possible.
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    That hurts lol

    Problem is not a lot of hockey fans here
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    lol I'm sorry bud, I didn't mean any harm by it. I actually had that theme for awhile and it is a good theme but you can't deny the slight pixelation around the icons. I mean, its a lot better than I could do or try to do, I just want something a little less home made

    And yes, I agree, there really isn't slot of hockey fans here, such a shame. Are you a Wings fan?
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    any body??
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    Ill see if I can crispen the edges a little bit to make it more appealing but ya if someone else wants a crack at it, go for it.
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    did you even read my post Marbury? No? Didn't think so. I clearly stated in the original post, and I quote "I know, there is already a Detroit Red Wings theme at Prethemer."

    So many people here trying to jump the gun on "correcting" someone here. Its ridiculous. And thank you danno for trying to do that for me. That really was my only complaint about yours. That and I wish you wouldve kept ozzy as the phone
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    That's an awesome theme!!! Go Wings! Yes there are hockey fans here!!!!

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