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    OK, I'm trying to build a new look for the phone app with all custom graphics and edited CSS files. I've replaced all of the dialpad's graphics but I can't find the graphic that makes the Voicemael or Call Log buttons. I've found the icon's but not the button's themselves. Does anyone have any idea what they are called and where they are?

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    I'm sure the graphic for the button is called:

    Or possibly:

    They are found at "usr\palm\frameworks\mojo\submissions\200.18\images"

    I would like to warn you that editing this file will have a global impact which could affect other apps since other apps depend on this graphic to display their buttons.

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    i believe theres also menu-icon-voicemail.png in the "/usr/palm/applications/ directory" that displays the little icon on the voicemail button as well as voicemail-badge.png and voicemail-badge-active.png in the same directory that you might want to skin as well
    Last edited by jcross22; 10/21/2009 at 03:15 AM. Reason: ...aaand I just realized you said you already found the icons so my advice is pretty much useless haha

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