So I decided to install the iphone theme using preware while hanging with some friends, just to show them what the Pre could do with the push of a button. After the fun had been had, I removed the theme using preware and it reverted back to the default theme, except it had the default green/orange thing wallpaper instead of the mountain wallpaper I usually use. A quick open of the photo app and I changed to the mountain wallpaper without any problems. Looking at the Pre today though, it looks like the default wallpapers aren't quite as crisp as they normally are? I decided to fire up AHS (Active home screen app), and it's fairly obvious that the mountains are much crisper on the app compared to on the desktop wallpaper which is slightly blurry. Did preware or the iphone theme save some lower resolution default wallpapers, or could this be some other problem? I don't think it's something anyone would be able to pick up on, as I would have probably shrugged off the difference if I didn't have AHS to compare the pics side by side. Maybe someone could upload some unmodded default wallpapers and I could try replacing mine and see if that fixes it?