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    There are some amazing college football themes out here and I am totally in awe of your work. If so inclined would one of you make a Husker theme? I would be more than willing to donate to your cause if I like the theme. I really loved the theme of the Pre decked out in the game gear. I would like the messaging screen left alone and please no Callahan. Thank you in advance for your help in this.
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    Any takers?
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    "Hopefully it's taking so long because they are upgrading the cameras, adding a 4G radio, higher resolution screen, NFC, a gyroscope, fingerprint reader and an app that builds you and island and then transforms the phone into a jet and flies you there." - Blue Duck Butter, on the Pre 3 release.
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    Yeah, I would like that also......anyone?
  5. #5 responses? There are a few ncaa themes out there that are really nice, would be cool to see one for the huskers too.

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