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    My first theme. I will be updating it slowly. Please Comment any changes you feel are needed to make it a REAL Google theme.

    - Finally Created the 31 Calendar Icons.

    - Changed Dialer BG
    - Screen lock buttons and several other icons.

    - Changed Screen lock button and Launcher Back grounds.
    - Also added a Dialer Background.

    - Battery Icon, Charging Icon.
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    i've tried a few times over the last couple of days to install this theme and each time i do, WebOSQuickInstall tells me that the 'theme.xml' file is missing. ??
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    When downloaded it says no handler for file:///media/downloads/Google-Pre
    OK how do you download it and get it to work?
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    i installed it through preware today without any problem.

    Really nice theme. I like the minimalistic graphics, just like Google is.
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    I am currently working on repairing my computer. I will look at the zip file and check out the errors you are getting. Right now the best way is to use preware. Also thanks for the comments I am cooking up some ideas to make changes. Just waiting on my machine to get back up and running.
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    Sorry it took so long but I got it up and running as well as added the calendar icon. had to create the 31 icons. Let me know if you want to see any other changes. Finally got my computer up and running.

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