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    I love this site Great job everyone and keep up the great work!!!

    Ok I have looked and I can't find any theme and icons for MotoGP.. So I am asking No No No, I am BEGGING PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone make a MotoGP theme and icon.. I would greatly appreciate it and I am sure other members would be interested.

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    There's been one on PreThemer for a couple of weeks.
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    we need another one though... Anyone?? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by robbskittles View Post
    we need another one though... Anyone?? Thanks!
    I would agree... I made the first moto gp theme, but it was just a modification of an existing iphone theme.. I am planning on redoing it.. but I am alittle swamped with school, work, etc... If anyone wants to take a shot at it

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