So I installed tweaks on to my phone. I had a lot of them. Then after that was all finished I installed the "Red & Black" theme. Then I got tired of the theme so I tried to uninstall it but it kept saying something like IPKG Error or something. But the theme was partially uninstalled. So i went ahead & installed a different theme thinking I'd be able to uninstall the first one & the second one. Nothing. I did it two more times. Now I have "installed" four themes at once but my phone doesn't actually have a theme on it. It's the original default theme. I still can uninstall it. And I noticed that I can't uninstall a Patch that I have. The Patch is gone. It doesn't change my Pre but it still says its installed. And finally, the dictionary on my phone seems not to be working. If I type can't it doesn't add the aposterphe. It doesn't capitalize words, nothing. And I don't have the "Enhanced Dictionary" tweak installed, so I don't know what it could be. I really don't want to do a partial or full erase. I dont want to use webOS Doctor either. Is there any way to fix it other then that?