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    Boot logo: Some sort of tricorder screen animated or enterprise traveling at warp speed.

    Wallpaper: Image of the bridge of the enterprise from behind the captain chair looking towards the view screen.

    Launcher background: some sort of LCARS thing to look like the icons are buttons on it.

    Phone app: some sort of TNG themed communication background, app icon and start end call button the thing on the uniform the tap to communicate.

    Messaging app: only color changes no pastels, no weird emoticon changes

    Any app icon changes star trek themed but visually recognizable as the apps they are so no cast members/characters as icons.

    Top bar and notification icons are fine as is

    Unlock icon: not really sure anyone have ideas?

    Also is there anything else that we can change?
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    I have the current Star Trek theme that is offered on my Pre and it has a bunch of cool features. Might be able to ask about using some of this icons.

    I think it would be a cool TNG theme if you went with the layout used on the panels of the Ship.

    I think for the Unlock pic I would use either the badge off the uniforms for TNG or the UFP logo.

    I have more ideas, will have to post later. Maybe more folks have ideas???

    I see a who slew of themes, Klingon (that you can use), Vulcan, Cardassian, Star Fleet Academy, DS9, Enterprise, Voyager, TOS....etc...etc...

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