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    Id be willing to donate to whoever can create a nice Cleveland Cavs theme, Im looking for something similar to the Texas Longhorn Theme that is already available, Id like a mix of some of the new logo with some old school logo involved, id can help out with some of the logos im looking for...let me know if you can help me out


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    Throw in a pic of Lebron James, too, and I'd donate for that!
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    As a Cleveland native, I'm interested in that theme as well, if you happen to find what you described. I just installed that Longhorn theme and it is pretty nice. If someone could do a Cavs theme that detailed and professional looking, I would be really impressed. The Lebron theme I saw was okay, but didn't really fit the bill. To tell you the truth, the more Cleveland/Ohio themes the better. That Buckeye theme was kind of simple. You know of any Cleveland skyline themes?


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