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    Unless otherwise stated, I'm in the Pre emulator in the following directory:


    So, says to change/mod: "dialpad-rowX.png" and "dialpad-rowXdtmf.png" to create a custom dialpad.

    On the latest emulator, dialpad-rowX.png doesn't exist anymore, anywhere; but the "dtmf" ones are still there. I tried replacing the dialpad-rowXdtmf.png files and nothing changed, even after reboot. Is this just the emulator or part of the new patch? I haven't looked on my actual phone yet to see if what's in the directory. I don't feel like testing this stuff on my real phone.

    I noticed that there is a unique picture for each number with associated letters and a separate png for each key background (one for when it's pressed and one for when it's not). e.g. keypad-icon-one.png, one.png, one-down.png. Do I have to change each .png to get the numbers and letters of my choosing? What's the visual/display difference between the "dtmf" files and the non "dtmf"?

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    One more thing, how do I add a font? Not change it, add it to the phone. Is it as simple as putting a font file in the fonts folder?

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