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    Is there a special (and hopefully easy) way to create Icons for Homebrew apps or for apps downloaded from the App Catalog? I have no Unix background, so I don't know the first thing about doing things at a command line.
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    If you want to create icons from scratch, you first need some image creation/editor program. If you mostly want to edit existing pictures into icons, I like to use IrfanView and it's free. It's way easy perform basic functions (and more complex stuff) such as resize, resample and change formats. All GUI no command line.

    Icons should be .png format, 64x64 pixels.

    Then, you have to know the file location on the Pre to put your new icon in place of the old one.

    With the exception of picture size, that's pretty much how it works for any visual element on the phone, save fonts.
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    Thanks for the quick response. The one thing I don't know how to do is locate the files and the names of the files for upload (or download for that matter). Is there a way to explore the files and download them easily?
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    Yes, install the app Internalz (and the Filesystem Manager app, I believe it's called) this will allow you to trudge thru the filesystem to find stuff!

    (If you look at the Internalz app description, it states the other 'app' you need to install -just be sure to install the OTHER FIRST!)

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