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    Dunno how many of you are bears fans, but This is my first pre theme... hope you guys enjoy. Available in Preware Theme section and under "DA Chicago Bears"

    There are more details like sms notification icons and tapndrag apps and launching apps...

    Preware: DA Chicago BEARS

    My Prethemer/preware Alias is syanni85

    DA Chicago Bears Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer

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    Damn great theme dude. The football slider is great. Maybe somehow incorporate a field goal into it?
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    actually, I did do that a couple days ago, but forgot to update it... Expect an updat tomorrow with a fieldgoal and flags blowing in the wind
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    Cool theme but I don't see the bears pics in photos or music apps. Is this an option?
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    for some reason this stop working for 1.2.x... I will fix it tomorrow
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