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    I started with "the original blue" theme and then made my launcher bar, phone icon, messaging icon, quick launch button, and all 31 calendar png icons transparent. I love it this way and since im a NOOB, i changed the files one by one thru webos QI.

    How do i now save the whole theme? or at least extract the calendar icons so i dont have to make and rename the file 31 times again???

    Please any help will be great!
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    If you have the files saved on your computer, I would build the theme on Prethemer and then instead of making the theme online, I would go to preview theme and download the zip file. Then you can use WOSQI to install it. Or if you post it online, you can download it right from your phone using Preware. Hope this helps.
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    I dont currently have it saved on the comp, Like i said i took the blue theme and the added each thing I wanted through webos QI. The thing that really sucked is for some reason I cant get paint shop to install on my comp, so I have no .png editor except mspaint. ms paint wont do transparent png files, so i took the transparent icon i had and renamed it icon-1.png, then up loaded it. the renamed it icon-2.png and up loaded it, till I had all 31 png files for a transparent calendar button.

    I tryed thru webos QI to use the recieve file button. I selected the ........calendar/images/launcher/ folder, ten i selected the my documents folder on my comp. but when I clicked the button it said access to that folder was denied.
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    btw I also tyed a differnt folder on my comp all were denied access
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