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    Quote Originally Posted by ert47369 View Post
    He doesn't make Penguin ones.....haha
    Nah Work just got busy and I got a little burned out doing 3 themes in 3 days.

    I didnt forget about ya.

    Only teams are off limits are pretty much, ottawa, toronto(**** them) and maybe montreal. oh and dallas =P
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    you rock!
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    Another Red Wings Theme has been released with 3 new images that people specifically requested.

    Detroit Redwings (customized) Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer

    Hope you guys like

    I have also uploaded the backgrounds to the background area there so you can change them if you'd like
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    you're the man!!!!! Perfect!
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    I just tried to install it and I get an error. Something about a control file. I never got this when installing it as a .zip file though. This download is only offered as an .ipk. The icons are not loaded nor did the launcher screen. Anyone know what the problem is?
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    disregard the last....rebooted my phone and its all there............awesome!!
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