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    **UPDATED 10/16/09 Version 0.0.9**

    Theme based on the Army ACU pattern.
    Hey everyone, I've been so happy with the blue theme made by nights0223 that it inspired me to build my own theme. Here it is. A rough start but I'll be updating it constantly over the next week or two. Shouldn't take too much longer to have the whole pre completely remapped and all of the icons redone.


    Thank you very much to nights0223 for much of the work he has done to get me started on making this theme.

    Feel free to donate any money you deem neccessary and thanks in advance!!!

    Download Version 0.0.9
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    Also I will be working on any other ideas that people may have so feel free to send any requests out there whether it be color schemes or movie/tv themes. skies the limit
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    Hey there. I'll tell ya something, if you promise not to steal my idea. I'm making an Army Values theme.
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    I will not steal a bit of it but if you need anything from my theme you may use whatever you need. I'll stick to the ACU theme and I am going to be expanding to accomodate even the other armed forces...the nasty girls (national guard) might be pushing it though. just kidding. thanks to all you people in the armed forces.
    ps. i see your from baton rouge. I was just at fort polk for guys have some freaking wierd weather down there.
    Army ACU Theme - Download Version 0.0.9
    24 Theme - Download Version 0.2.2
    Orangish Theme - Download Version 0.3.0
    Chelsea F.C. Theme - Download Version 0.0.5

    Much of the work on themes and the posts on how to's take time. Feel free to donate if you feel so inclined.

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