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    I know many of you work very hard at these themes and they look amazing.

    There are hundreds of custom icons (boot screen, lock/unlock, launcher, WIFI, Bluetooth, signal bars, phone, calendar) that people designed on their own.

    Can we create a place where theme icons live, so we can pick and chose from a vireity of different images, rather than install an entire theme?

    I love the blue theme and was able to get all the icons from a zip the OP posted in that thread, but to all the other theme developers, we should have a way to access you great custom icons.

    For Example:

    I would like to have the iPhone theme icons, the Windows 7 unlock icon, the football theme quick launch platform icon, and the wood theme Bluetooth icon.

    If there was one place to get the icons, custom themes would be easy for someone who does not want all one theme.

    Just an idea...let me know what you think.

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    I like this idea I downloaded a theme with icons that I truly love I just wish I could find all the other icons in the same color scheme so that everything is uniform Please do this if possible
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    I would also like different icons... i also downloaded a theme with different icons...
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    you could always download theme zip files from the precentral theme section or from and get the icons from there, thats probably your best bet then you can mix and match to your hearts desire, my current theme has a mixture of graphics from about 7 different themes

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