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    I am a newb when it comes to linux however with the ease of webos quick install that Jason created for us he made it so simple for newbs like me to tweak my pre and I appreciate it.

    Now I have downloaded preware, preload, and file coaster and have been searching on here for instructions but all I see are codes and programs like openssh that I have no idea about.

    Can someone please be kind enough to provide a newb like me instructions how to add a glowing boot up logo? where do I find this openssh? Where do I enter codes like: system/url/messages or whatever?

    I am completely lost and would truly appreciate it someone can break it down for me in laymen terms. Also, I have my pre rooted by tapping the devmode launcher and turning it on but I am stuck...
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    You can do it using Jason's Quick Install under Tools>Tweaks
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    Quote Originally Posted by ponyfool View Post
    You can do it using Jason's Quick Install under Tools>Tweaks
    I am looking at tools and teaks but where do I do that man?
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    oh wow I see it now but how do I do get it to glow? I have one pic and it shows i need 2 pics???
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    The first picture is the basic Palm logo, the second picture is another Palm logo with a halo around it. The software of the phone automatically fades between the two photos.

    Here are two I got from another thread. The plain logo is the standard non-glowing one, and also attached are the red and blue glowing ones. These are pretty cool because the word Palm turns to black. It's a great effect.

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    pony thanks so much! It looks awesome! I finally got a glowing logo thanks to you.

    Also, do you know how I can remove the quick launch bar entirely? I followed the directions in one of the threads but apparently it didn't remove my quick launch icon although it did make the actual bar transparent.

    Do you have any idea how to remove the quick launch icon (the up arrow)? Thanks again pony ur awesome!

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