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    Theme base on the underground artist Chris Cooper or Coop for short.
    Some of the art is SNSFW.
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    Chris "Tofur" Duvall
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    Made a few visual tweaks to see the icons better. fixed a missing Icon file. Hopefully this will be published soon.
    Chris "Tofur" Duvall
    Movie Geek
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    i am gonna ask a dumb ? bc prolly everyone knows this but me..ever since i have had the update to webos 1.2.1. i can not install i want this one...what can i do?
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    wow..ok dude..i got it put on after reading a ****** load about what to i got the ipk file from another site...and downloaded..put it on QI..and waaalaaa!! ok..but i have a request....could you clear out the bottom manager so it is clear? where the phone icon, mail, all that is...i would like to see it clear so the icons look as though they are jus floating on the pic...that blueish line takes away from the background...also..another thing..when i bring up the icons..everything turns blue...but i get this yellowish line from the bottom can that be removed so it all looks the same color? i love that blue and the yellow doesnt look that great in the middle of the phone...maybe around it, like on the edges?!?!? ur jus goin
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    bad ***** stuff he puts out

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