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    My girlfriend downloaded the Longhorns theme then reverted to default. Unfortunately, her phone still has some icons from the theme. She tried to reset the phone, but they are still there. Now her phone isn't recognized by any computer unless it's in USB mode. She can't use webOS doctor because her phone isn't detected. Any help would be appreciated in getting her phone to work again.

    P.S. sorry if I posted this in the wrong area.
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    after reset, her phone is probably no longer in developer mode, which is probably why webos quick install isn't recognizing the phone.

    go to the launcher and type in "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart"to enable developer mode.
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    Thanks. Completely forgot about that. One problem still remains. Can't get the icons to go back to default. Any suggestions?
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    idk about the icons, sorry. i haven't looked into installing themes at all. try a search for reseting themes. i remember seeing some post related to people installing themes and then not being able to uninstall it.
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    Once again. Thank you for your help.

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