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    I play a lot of 9 ball tournaments and so I wanted to have something to turn heads at the pool halls. I came up with this. All images have been replaced in the standard theme -- icons, startup animation, etc etc.


    Zip file:
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    How about an 8 ball theme? Please. Thanks.
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    it looks good but a word of suggestion. I would not just put each ball as an icon. perhaps put names on top of the icons displaying what each icon is or make just the calendar app the balls and maybe a que stick type theme as each icon. Obviously this would be a lot of icon making but this theme would be cool if you put more time in it. Great start tho. Like it a lot!!!
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    I also enjoy 9 ball. In that regard don't use the 13 and 15 ball in the graphics possibly all 9 balls. Good work hope your pool is as good.

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