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    Here is my second theme, the Green Neon Theme, for people who really want their Pre to 'glow'

    It's not quite as in depth as my other theme, yet, but if this one gets good reception, I'll continue work on it. So far, the dialer is pretty much completely done (just need the pin pad) and most of the program icons, as well as the calendar icons. I haven't touched the contacts, messager, or calendar yet, but probably will in the future. So, without further ado, the Green Neon Theme.

    If you like this theme, and have a little something to donate, it is greatly appreciated!

    Download v 0.5.0 - PreCentral
    PreThemer // Green Neon Theme
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    This is one of the best themes I have seen so far. I hope to see the updated version soon.

    Good job.
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    I very much like this theme, however I am in need of a camera icon for my quick launch bar :P Used to have the original blue, but I really like the style of this theme! Hoping to see some updates that make me want to keep it over the original blue one. Your themes are the best here hands down, no one compares! Thank you.
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    I gotta give it to ya man, I think this look pretty damn cool... from one themer to another
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    yeah, this is great looking theme, please continue working on it!
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    Amazing theme!! loving the icons, the dialer and notifications!
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    So far this is my favorite theme,awsome color,nice and vivid,Great Job!
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    Looks great. What is your other theme?
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    i am having some problems with this theme but it does look nice it you just cannot uninstall it
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    I've had this issue come up a few times and haven't narrowed down the cause but I am using one of the tweaks to show the battery percent. So it'll be 100%, 90%, etc. When switching from the Original Blue Theme to this one (both are awesome btw! tyty) now it's not showing 100% but rather 10 with a missing 0 and missing percent sign. It's not a big deal but thought I'd mention.

    Probably not to be mentioned here but after using the different battery display tweaks when I do show the original battery icon it's messed up as well. It's skinny and just not right. Though that's probably a whole thread in itself. I think those battery tweaks will probably need a change to them at some point.
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    i love this theme. thanks bro. keep it up!
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    Great theme! I love the background. Any chance you'd post the wallpaper by itself?
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    love it I want this
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    good job keep it up
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    I love your theme after some editing

    (colors are more accurate on the phone)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endersama View Post
    I love your theme after some editing

    (colors are more accurate on the phone)
    Looks good. Once I finish this theme, I'll be releasing it in different colors (Figured I would support this one and get it just right before releasing multiple at the same time).
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    Understandable. I decided i wanted to make my own theme, but dont have enough free time just yet. Your icons are the style (neon silhouette-esque) i plan on making, so i figured id at least test it out. I look forward to seeing more themes from you.
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    Love this theme and your original blue theme!
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