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    Quote Originally Posted by Endersama View Post
    I love your theme after some editing

    (colors are more accurate on the phone)
    That's actually pretty well done
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    love the theme. It has managed to stay on my pre for the longest. Short notice however: I'm currently an 73% battery left and the icon is standard white. I know it'll change green again, once the charge gets lower or higher, but the modified icon seems to be missing at this state.
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    This is my favorite theme its juss incomplete.... as far as like in messaging can u make it dark background instead of white it throws off the whole neon thing you have going... also can u update the phone part for 1.4 and anything else that has changed recently dimension wise because I really love this theme.. also can u put a lock screen background on this theme .... please and thank you... PM me if you will do it and want to send it straight to me.
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    Great theme.
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    Any update on the various colors? Theme is great!
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    Keep expanding this one. It's great
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    Great theme. I had the original blue, which I loved, but then switched to Dark Neon (sorry, not yours, but also no longer available). A WebOS update or two ago, I lost the theme, and went with your Green Neon.... it's stuck ever since. The longest I've had a theme. I made a few updates (e.g. added a Tasks application icon, made the boot logo glow brighter, etc).... seriously love it. I think I'm gonna keep enhancing it unless you post an update first.
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