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    My second theme, this one is from Fallout 3. Hoping to eventually get it as complete as possible. Any suggestions would be great!

    To Do:
    -- Possibly change boot screen.
    -- Customize the Messaging app so that it fits into the theme more.
    -- Customize the dialer / Phone app icons
    -- Finish customizing all-around SystemUI
    -- ... Lots of work to do. I won't consider this theme finished until i can do as much as PreThemer allows

    1.0.0 -- (10/02/2009) Initial Release
    1.0.1 -- (10/02/2009) Updated Calendar Icon
    1.0.2 -- (10/02/2009) Tried new chat-balloon-right/-left
    1.0.3 -- (10/02/2009) Back to solid color chat-balloon-right/-left
    1.0.4 -- (10/03/2009) Various UI Icons
    1.0.5 -- (10/04/2009) Several UI Icons & fixed the Messaging App
    1.0.6 -- (10/05/2009) System UI Icons
    1.0.7 -- (10/05/2009) System UI Icons (cont'd)
    1.0.8 -- (10/08/2009) System UI Icons (cont'd) -- If this theme seems TOO green, let me know. I started to notice it today with all the green icons...

    Special thanks to user Don Joulio for his help with the theme.

    Boot Logo:




    Launcher [Page 3]:


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    Nice, GJ!!
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    There was a pipboy theme created for a winmo program called Throttlelauncher. Here are a couple of screen shots if you're looking for some inspiration:

    (Obviously this level of customization of WebOS isn't there yet)
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    I remember seeing that theme when I had my WinMo phone. Like you said, can't get that in-depth yet, but I plan on making this theme as complete as possible for now, however long it takes. Thanks for the screenshots, i'll be sure to add what I can to the theme.
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    If you're looking for icons from that theme or graphics you can grab the theme files here: Deposit Files
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    Thanks! I'll take a look at it when I get home tonight & see if there's anything I can use for the Pre (I guess it should be "webOS") version.
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    It's great...installed it right away, and love it...

    Looking forward to the updates.

    For some reason, I want to go continue my Fallout 3 game now.
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    Pipboy is a great theme
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    Glad you guys like it. Should be another update tonight to fiz the look of the messaging app, as well as some other tweaks here & there
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    first theme that made me want to install it. thanks.
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    I saw the latest update, the theme is looking real good.
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    should add for backgrounds for calendar and contacts too would be great
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    this theme is so incredibly good.
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    what happened to the theme? I got a new phone and it is no longer there... I loved this theme will it come back?
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    I started updating it for the 1.4.0 release & forgot to post it back online. I'm going to make some more changes & then re-up it tonight.
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    alright thanks! I love your theme. keep up the great work!
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    Thanks for the feedback!Glad to hear you like it
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    There was a theme like this for BlackBerry awhile back, till Bethesa ordered them to pull it for trademark violations. Looks good though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas06 View Post
    I started updating it for the 1.4.0 release & forgot to post it back online. I'm going to make some more changes & then re-up it tonight.
    so is it done yet or no? im really excited about this theme have been waiting so long for a fallout 3 theme and this looks really good.
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    It is not 100%, but it is now available via PreWare to take a look.
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