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    Here is my theme for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE.
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    Chris "Tofur" Duvall
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    If anybody PMs me their email address I can also send it to you if you are desperate enough to have it now instead of waiting on download function to return.
    Chris "Tofur" Duvall
    Movie Geek
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    I don't know if I like The Rocky Horror Picture Show well enough to use a theme like this, but I have to say, it looks very well done from you screen shots.
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    I love RHPS, good job!
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    It helps once being in a cast from 1986 to 1997, every weekend, twice a weekend. Do the math...I am too old to.
    Chris "Tofur" Duvall
    Movie Geek
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    Made changes by removing the JSJSJS $and$ $CSS$. $1$.$2$.$1$ $Made$ $changes$ $to$ $these$ $files$ $and$ $I$ $need$ $to$ $delve$ $deeper$ $to$ $see$ $why$ $I$ $cannot$ $change$ $the$ $carrier$ $wrapper$ $anymore$.
    Chris "Tofur" Duvall
    Movie Geek
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    Thanks! Just installed it on OS 1.2x and it looks great! I especially liked "Oh Rocky"!

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