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    I'm a big fan of GOW. I've played all games, have the action figures, t-shirts, hat and I'm dying to get my hands on the 2 disc collection item with the GOWIII demo included. So for me this is huge!

    Thanks in advance! I will donate some money for it.
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    yheah me too !
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    I request this also ! !
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    I would replace the launcher icon by the Omega symbol. And Kratos showing how bad *** he is in the phone app and the others. I will have to then get the GOW theme ringtone.
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    No love for GOW
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    I request this also ! !
    Dude! If you shave your head, grow a goat-t and draw a read zigzag line on your face we will have Kratos here at Precentral..

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