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    I installed the Windows 7 theme by jblake1030 and while I like it I tried to uninstall it to make sure I would have no problems when the WebOS update comes. It uninstalled everything but the icons and the boot screen which seem to be stuck there no matter what theme I install or uninstall with both QuickInstall or Preware. Any ideas?
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    I am having a similar problem...but everything uninstalls fine except the time and the place where it usually says Sprint...I even downloaded the default theme over it. Cant Unistall anything with Preware since the update to 9.1, keeps giving me Error [4]
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    Even though I was a little hesitant. . .I went ahead and updated even though the icons still were not gone. I held my breath for the 10 minutes and found that the install had done away with all the remaining items and put everything back to normal. I have gone through a lot of the update and have found no problems. So it is looking good to go for now. . .though I still don't know how you would fix it without an update like this.

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