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    Hey guys. New to posting, been a member since I was Pre'd in July. I have for two theme requests to make (as I suck at photoshop and can't build them myself lol):

    1- A Harry Potter theme, darker in nature (think Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix movies), and geared more towards fall and Halloween than anything else. I have some awesome wallpapers if you need it, and I find listening to certain tracks on the POA soundtrack to be good inspiration.

    2- A Tampa Bay Buccaneers theme. I know someone already mentioned this, but I thought I would second it.

    Thanks guys!! Please let me know if anyone finds either one of these one here or prethemer (I primarily use that to dl on my phone...WOQI doesn't work for some reason).
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    Harry Potter! Pirates of the caribbean! LOTR! Indiana Jones! Disney! Pixar! Dreamworks!

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