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    Ok people I need help please, I have webos quick install 2.5 and I just try to install some themes that I downloaded here on precentral I was able to load 2 out of 3 windows 7 theme doesn't work for me for some reason but, when I try to load back the first theme the one I like I open quick install and when I click on themer I get this error :
    Error 9:
    No return code found in steam from file:///var/usr/lib/webos-quick-install/theme.xml
    Then I click ok and I get this other window
    Error unable to read xm file
    Missing end tag 422, column 80
    Can someone help me out ? What can I do to fix this ?
    Thanks for your help.
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    Ok I fix this problem this is what I did:
    I opened quick install with out having my pre connected to my pc then I whent to tools, click on themer the a window pop up saying 'no device conected' here I turn off my pre then connect my pre to my pc turn back on my pre, click ok on the window saying ' no device connected' then I click 'just charge' on my pre then I did a revert to default and that's it. Now every time I want to change my theme I need to do a revert to defaul to load the new one. Hope you guys give credit if this help you ok
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    Same problem. I tried the fix you suggested and no luck so far.

    any other thoughts?

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