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    any way to change this as well? (screen before boot screen)
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    The Palm logo? Are you talking about the phone or emulator?
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    It's possible, as most BIOSes are flashable. But no one is going to do it. It would involve removing eeprom from the Pre and then using special hardware to extract the binary code from the eeprom and disassembling it. It could take some time before the splash image is located and then even more time to write a program that will allow someone to reflash their BIOS from the phone with a custom image. And there is always a propensity for something to go wrong during the flash. And then guess what? You have a bricked Pre. For real. The BIOS was the last resort recovery tool available to programs like WebOS doctor and now it's gone.
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    Yeah, the OP must be referring to the emulator since the Pre does boot directly to the Palm logo screen. Most Linux variants use a framebuffer graphic during boot unless told not to, and it seems the emulator was told not to. You can tell when the Linux portion of the booting on the Pre has completed and the "system" part is taking over by when it pulses - prior to that is Linux, afterward is Luna/webOS.
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    I believe what he is referring to, is the fact that there is a palm logo encoded in the bios, and even when you change the boot logo, the palm logo shows up for a few seconds before your custom boot screen comes in.

    That has nothing to do with using the emulator.

    Unfortunately, bp6088 is correct, and while technically possible to change, it is not really doable for most folks, would require specialized equipment, and would run a huge risk of bricking your Pre.

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