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    I see a bunch of sports themes with no NY teams AT ALL ! I would consider rocking with any NY sports theme. At the least I would have thought that a Yankees theme would be a given, with at least a Giants theme.
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    I know man! I need a giants theme.
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    These would be nice, I was considering making some but I'm hardly artistically talented enough to pull it off to where I would be happy with it. Me and digital image art don't exactly get along apart from simple cropping, hue adjustment and resizing.
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    I've downloaded a great Yankees dialer here. They also have Jets

    Pre Dialer Backgrounds - WebOS Internals

    Then use the WebOS Quick install tweeks to install them. Works great, easy to do.
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    I wonder if anyone wants a "YANKEES SUCK!" theme?
    (Actually, I would care less for this, but if I ask for it, it might be enough of a kick in the pants to get someone to help the OP.)
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I agree i thought a Yankee theme would have been a given. It is a dissapointing that there are no New York teams. I wish I knew how to make them I would have have been working on a Yankee theme already.
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    I'm upping this thread don't think we are just going to sitback and forget.
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    No worries NY fans. I have a whole bevy of NY Knicks themes in the works!!

    -Starting with a John Starks theme. (which is almost finished, just a little editing to do!)
    Next a NYK team theme, followed by other Knicks players, from the past, because popular media always focuses on the present Knickerbockers. But true Knicks fans go Old School. (No jokes please! Haha!)

    -teachable moments
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    how did that happen?? out of all the ny teams we get a knick
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    You know, a true NY fan wouldn't kick an already down franchise.. Haha.

    Messed up, yo!
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    a NY theme would def be greaatt!!!!
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    Bring that Knick them out. Giant them definitely needed too. Just remember Jordan got to view Starks from an unfamiliar angle...Under the Rim.
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    lets go GIANTS
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    I would love a G-Men theme for my Pre, but with the icons left alone.

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    I was able to find a yankee background originally intended for the iphone, i installed the original blue theme and changed the background to the yankee one.
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    Ya wheres the Bills and Sabres love? =)
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    Still no Gmen theme and no Knick theme. Lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danno1769 View Post
    Ya wheres the Bills and Sabres love? =)
    Looks like the Bills is in the works here. Maybe east NY can be next on the list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finally Pre View Post
    Looks like the Bills is in the works here. Maybe east NY can be next on the list.
    Ya hehe I made a sabres one but I cant get it to compile. I made images for them and well ya.. Ill figure it out someday. Im interested to see how the Bills one comes out
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    Alright Knickerbocker fans..
    I am finally done...

    (By the way, I am teachable moments - the guy from post #8.. I didn't realize I had registered twice until later!!)

    Here is my Renaissance NY Knicks Theme. A little bit from the various Knicks eras.

    I will still do the Starks theme, (Almost finished with it.) As well as A Vintage/retro NYK theme, and individual players themes. (Reed, Ewing, and any one player who personified Knickerbockerdom!)

    Screen shots.. Enjoy/Disfrute!


    -Here is the link to PreThemer:
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