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    This is my windows 7 theme hope you guys like...I used some stuff from jblake1030 hope hes not mad change the boot screen looks really still working on it
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    No I dont mine... looks good
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    I mind ....

    JK Nice job
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    Thanks cool I've only done two so far

    Madolen I'm a big fan
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    I downloaded this onto my Pre today, and I like it. BUT I think it needs a few tweaks if you dont mind...

    (Might check out the other Win7 Theme as it has implemented some of these nicely too)

    1) Change the Google Maps icon back, as (IMO) looks better then the globe.
    2) Make the launcher background a little transparent so you can read the apps better.

    Just some suggestions. Otherwise love the theme, and thanks for your time and effort to help us non-programmers.

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