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    For any other Trek geeks out there, i started a Star Trek XI Theme

    Star Trek XI [WIP] @ PreThemer.

    Icons for just about all of the stock applications are changed, custom boot logo, dialer background, bookmark background, lock screen, many of the little icons & buttons here & there... Take a look
    Any suggestions for anything to be changed or actually themed would be great. Let me know what you think!

    1.1.3 -- Restored default messaging colors: looked awful.
    1.1.2 -- Trying new Strength Bars.
    1.1.1 -- Changed Messaging Bkacground & Text.
    1.1.0 -- Various icons added across most app
    Pre-1.1.0: Lost track on PreThemer.
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    Just installed, and working great with the tweaks I just set up! I love it!

    The only thing I haven't been able to figure out is the signal strength icon. Instead of bars, it's colors of the ST delta?
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    it's supposed to be the TOS command logo/badge.

    Silver is no bars
    Red is 1,
    Orange / Yellow is 2 (I forget if I have yellow & orange or just one)
    Green is +1
    Blue is full signal.

    I meant to post that so people wouldn't get confused, but I guess I forgot.
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    Thanks Veritas06! I hope one day sounds become a part of these Pre themes as well
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    I'd love to have the door sounds on the enterprise for my card swiping sound.
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    oh I can't wait either ;-). Say hello to LCARS sounds all around =P
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    Wonderful theme, Veritas06 - and the first one I've ever installed. Thanks for this.
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    i'm glad you like it Cell. Sorry there haven't been updates recently. I still intend to work on this theme (as well as my others) but have been kept busy with school & work. Hopefully I can have an update tonight, editing at least the dialer & eventually the notificatioj icons which I keep intending to do & then forget... Anyone with any suggestions or want to see something change? Any feedback is appreciated.
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    You know, Veritas, I've been using this theme for less than a month, but whenever I see a screenshot or live-in-person Pre that has the stock UI, I wonder how I ever lived with that.

    As for improving on this one, I'm not sure you can. The repeating-delta wallpaper is such a classy twist on the tired old habit of just throwing a big Starfleet logo in the center of the screen - I love it. I do have a question, though - what *is* the icon you're using for the Mail app? Was that a prop featured in the new film? I recognize the communicator, the earpiece, and the tricorder elsewhere ... but what the hell is that mail thing? It looks like a space-age tissue box.

    Anyway ... in lieu of tweaking this theme, my request would be that you pick up drizek's LCARS theme where he left off. I think you'd be great at polishing that to a working condition, and though I may be the only one, if you charged for it I'd pay for it. That thread can be found here (his last post encouraged others to work on it):
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    Thanks so much for the feedback VCI. I can't tell you how much i appreciate users getting back to me about how they love the theme, or how they'd like to see it improved. Unfortunately i've been i little lazy with this theme, as well as updating this post with the updates. There have been several more updates to this theme that i have not included on this page. The Mail App icon is actually supposed to be a folder, with the Delta Icon on it. Out of the icons from the IconFactory i thought that was the most appropriate for the Mail app.

    If you want to see it, & drizek doesn't mind, i will definitely work on the LCARS theme. I was always planning on doing one, but never got started. I would never even consider charging for themes, or even apps (when i'm finally at that point) if i can help it. I want to continue to create items that the whole community can use without have to pay.

    I'm going to get in touch with drizek just to confirm he doesn't mind me developing his theme, then i'll start my work. Keep an eye out .
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    Thanks, Veritas, for your continued hard work on behalf of the (probably miniscule) Trek fan population on PreCentral. I'd offer to help you, but unfortunately I have zero coding/developing experience -- the only thing I can offer is feedback.

    Very much looking forward to seeing what you make of the LCARS app from drizek. This forum moves pretty fast, so if I don't catch the thread you start when you release it, would you mind shooting me a PM if you think of it?

    Again - thanks for the hard work and the great contributions to the community.
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    if you were interested, there is no coding involved for the themes at all,just resizing pictures & uploading. It's addicting after awhile . & sure, once I get started on the LCARS theme i'll send you a PM, i'm just waiting to hear back from him to make sure he doesn't mind. Expect updates soon =]
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    if the LCARS theme was made i dont think there would be enough thanks buttons for us to give you. they would have to make a mega thanks button. haha
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    Haha, glad to hear. I've started work on it, but it is by no means complete. Take a look over @ PreThemer. ItLs "LCARS [WIP]".
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    I'm not sure if Veritas still checks this or not but I'm curious where the theme went. I've been using this in conjunction with my the wallpaper for my fleet in the upcoming STO game. Hoping to see this theme back soon. It's much better then the other two Star Trek themes at PreThemer
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    Sorry, i took the theme down to try & do some more work due to the 1.3.5 update & forgot to put it back up. Should be back in the PreWare Feeds shortly.
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    Thanks man. Phone felt naked without it. Everyone one I've shown the theme to has been impressed/jealous how good it looks.

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