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    With the web os update coming i know that i will have to remove all of my tweaks, and i can leave all my homebrew stuff, but what will we have to do with the themes? Will you just have to restore it to default..? i have done that but i have noticed that some things dont go back to default, ie/icons such as photos,music,also wallpaper backgrounds are staying on in photos, music...ect. Does anyone know if this kind of stuff is left on come update time, will it cause any issues??? any help would be great!!!!!
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    To be safe I would remove all tweaks/patches and themes. If you used WOQI to add them, then just use it again to remove them. You can also remove themes via Preware as well. Aso I would suggest trying out the webos repair utility to make sure everything is back to factory state as well prior to the update...
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