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    i would love a iPhone theme I have seen that a other member have started but the icons isnt like the original icons from iphone and would be nice with iphonelike chatbubbles
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    I dont know if it has been said already but I would LOVE a Florida Gators Theme.
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    if you can make a 49ers theme i will donate! good job excellent work
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    Quote Originally Posted by spudland View Post
    how about Boise State Broncos!
    I would love the Boise State theme as well.....please
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    How about a U of M football theme, maizen and blue colors, picture of the big house, footballs, helmets.
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    Pin Up girls!
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    will you make me a utah utes football theme plz
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    snowboarding theme, bansky theme, or counterstrike source theme
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    I would love to see a University of Oregon theme!
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    I am willing to pay someone to make a University Of Kentucky Basketball theme. Let me know if you are interested and I will work with you to let you know what pics I would like to be on the theme and all the little things. Email me at and we will talk about the details. I have been patiently waiting for someone to make one but its just not happening so now i turn to money and money talks.

    Thank You
    Zach Robey
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    WOW!!! come back from vacation and see hundreds of request..
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    how about a university of kentucky theme, for the wildcat fans
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    really want a University of Miami Hurricanes theme please!!!
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    i would love a University of Michigan Wolverines theme ! ! !

    edit* i found one its great ! thanks anyways !
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    I looked through all the themes. Many I have tried and love. But noone has came up with a Christmas theme yet, being that the holiday is coming up.
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    please o please will someone make a hunting and a fishing theme. For the fishing one you could use lures as icons. And bullets for the hunting icons. I will donate if need be. If you need any pics , get ahold of me and I can help. I'm a taxidermist so I have plenty of pics. Thanx
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    make a one piece theme please we have a bleach theme all we need is a one piece theme i would be willing to donate money if u made 1.....and it was good
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    im willing to donate if you made a carolina panthers theme. please
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    I would die (but press the tab to donate just prior to doing so) if you could create a Flying Spaghetti Monster Theme. There are many pre-made images available at Materials - Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The main screen should be the FSM Himself, the dialer could be the Jolly Pirate Fish, and icons could be all pirate related (swords, eyepatches, parrots, ships, and the like. I think it would help spread His message to all technologically advanced Pre users, and you would reap many rewards in His heaven (extra time at the Beer Volcano and Stripper Factory).
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    I would love to see a Washington State University or Seattle Seahawks theme
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