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    I bet you wished you never said "...Also Taking Requests!!!"
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    How bout the movie 300
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    Pontiac Theme! I would love that. not car specific but brand specific
    SCK Manager
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    How about a fireman theme or Sept. 11 memorial theme. Thanks in advance!
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    How about a Cincinnati Bengals theme?
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    How about an Auburn Tigers theme
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    The Orioles, Redskins and Nats all suck - how about some turtle love?
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    Any chance of creating a notre dame football theme?
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    About a University Of Kentucky Theme.....I second that!! ANd Third It and Whatever else I have to do to get one of them made!!!
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    Do you have or can you make a Baltimore Ravens theme?
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    Yankees please!!!
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    It would be GREAT to get an OREGON DUCKS theme! With those new wings!
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    Scuba Theme
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    Scuba Theme
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    hey can u mak some girl themes some with a lot of bright colors something cute
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    Anything deer hunting related?
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    i would an ATHF (aqua teen hunger force) theme. that would be sweet! or sealab 2021!

    if you could that would be bad@ss
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    Is it possible that you could do a New Era Cap theme?
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    How about a St. Louis Cardinals theme? I would be all over that!
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    Dont know if your still taking request but a Oakland Raiders theme would make my Pre complete lol or a Ninja Turtles theme (not the new TMNT but rather the old school version)
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