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    hey can you make a rockstar drink theme
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    very nice theme
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    make a jordan brand theme! Or an a bahing ape theme! I was making one but my computer crashed and I lost all my icons :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbanyHDTV View Post
    I'd like to request a Syracuse University and/or a Syracuse University Basketball theme. Thanks.
    How come no theme-love for the Syracuse Orange? I see you added a Florida State theme...they lost in the 1st round of the tournament!

    I'd like to re-request a theme for the Sweet 16 member, #1 seed, and soon to be national champs Syracuse Orange basketball. Please?

    A donation will come your way as soon as the theme is available.
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    Last edited by AlbanyHDTV; 03/22/2010 at 10:42 AM. Reason: Tried to attach some sample images to be used in theme
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    I haven't seen many NHL themes so far. How about a Washington Capitals theme? Thanks!
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    Would you do an Arkansas Razorbacks Theme? PLEASE?
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    Hey, you are pretty slick at this stuff. I was wondering if you could throw in an Ed Hardy theme for a Pixi on Sprint. My wife just switched from BB to WebOs yesterday and we cant find one for her. Thanks in advance!
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    could anybody possibly create a tenacious d theme?
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