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    Dance Theme, kind of like the music theme you made with the icons?? Maybe a Dancer as wallpaper background...(Looking for Tap, ballet and Jazz)

    Firefigther theme as well

    Thks if you can
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    could you please make a coach purse theme. I would love one with a black launcher pahe background. Please? I'll donate
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    Im using your Windows 7 theme right now, and it is very well put together , i love it. but i was wondering since you take requests if you could make a Fallout 3 theme for me :]

    i would appreciate it a whole bunch


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    How about a Terps theme? And an Orioles theme? Much appreciated...
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    can u do a florida state seminoles football theme i'm willing to pay for it...
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    Chevy Cobalt SS/SC Theme would be awsome!!!!!! I own a Cobalt
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    Quote Originally Posted by purple-ru View Post
    can u do a florida state seminoles football theme i'm willing to pay for it...
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    I would like to request a brown theme. There are some out there but they're old and don't seem to work very well. Plus there are only a few icons on the available ones. This kind of brown or if you have a better one.

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    O's theme...pretty please
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    how about a minnesota twins theme with the TC icons?
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    How about a Syracuse lacrosse theme?
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    How about a suzuki gsxr theme?
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    There's an Audi R8 theme, but there are lots of Audi fans out there that would love an Audi theme, with the 4 rings instead. Same probably goes for BMW, Porsche, etc...but I'd love to see an Audi theme, since I'm a big Audi fan...
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    if ur still takn advise for sum wut about a capricorn theme TC theme timberwolves theme iowa state theme would be wonder ful
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    I'd like to request a Syracuse University and/or a Syracuse University Basketball theme. Thanks.
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    you are my favorite theme builder. i have been using the OLD GLORY theme for a short while and i love it.

    i can not find it anywhere. it seems it has been deleted. is there a way to buy this one from you?

    please advise

    your work is great.
    Pre be with you.

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    I just went to a Monster truck show...and let me tell ya Awesome! I was wondering if you could make a Grave Digger Theme! I haven't seen any yet, unless I'm blind. Thanks!
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    i love the themes i tried searching but didn't see any chicago bears themes. everyone i know around chicago would love this.
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    Can you make a theme for Ru Paul's drag race please i love that show and Ru Paul thanks sweetie....<3
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    By Far my favorite themes! I like the metal series. It seems to not work with 1.4 for some reason. Is anyone else having this problem?
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