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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemoon219 View Post
    Not sure if you are still taking request but I would love to see any or all of the below:
    Betty Boop
    Washington Redskins
    NJ Devils
    Navy Aviator Insigna
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Kenneth Cole
    Mercedes Benz

    Some of these have already been done... I wasnt apart of any of them except for the panthers ... but I am pretty sure the rest will get done in the future...

    Betty Boop---
    Washington Redskins--- Washington Redskins Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer and Washington Redskins Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer
    NJ Devils--- New Jersey Devils Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer
    USNA and New Jersey Devils Too Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer
    Navy Aviator Insigna
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Kenneth Cole
    Mercedes Benz
    Panther--- Carolina Panthers Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer
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    Quote Originally Posted by ucfpaul View Post
    please, please, please,please!!!!
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    Scarface & 420
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    Cleveland Show
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    The nike NBA commercial dolls (Kobe, Lebron, Penny)
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    I would love to see a Trey Songz theme..that would be hot! or a Michael Jackson
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    i want a one piece theme (anime)
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    request BMW please!!
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    I'd love to see a theme for the TV show Bones, and willing to donate for a well-executed and complete one.


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    Here are some pics that you can use for the theme. Can you find some pics of the logo for the Icons. I would like for the colors for the messeging to be black & yellow. I'm sure that you can come up with some other great ideas to make this a dope theme.

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    You're the one doing the Zodiac themes.

    I'd love a Pisces theme. Water... blues & greens.

    And a wolf theme would be cool as well (dark colors for this one).
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    How about a houston texans theme?
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    I am requesting a Lightning theme! Please pm me if you to make one! i would soo love to get this theme for my Pre
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    I'd Like To Request A Marshall University Theme...out of all the college themes they dont have one and i cant figure out how to do my own......
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    University of North Dakota (UND) and or a Minnesota Wild Theme would be sweet!
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    Is it possible to build an Eagles theme?....I know there are many, many, many fans that would enjoy we are the most devout fans in the world...Thanks!!!!
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    AUDI TT theme.... or the AUDI 4 ring symbol would be cool
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    Would love a Marryland Terrapins theme as well as a Baltimore Orioles theme....
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    How about a Jeep theme...particularly a Commander ?? Some terms could be..."It's a JEEP thing!" "Silly boys, JEEPS are for girls!"

    Thanks for your time!!

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