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    Can u make a san fransisco 49er theme?
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    smokey and the bandit and maybe Saw
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    Tennessee Volunteers
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    Any chance of an Amuse GTR theme???
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    can we get a tennessee titans theme please
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    Can you do an Olivia Munn Theme so she can give the Pre some love. Or an all Pie theme, she loves pie. Check out my album for some pics. Thanks
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    a complete Iphone theme
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
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    Thanks for the Husker theme. Let me know where to donate.
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    Hey JBlake, how about an Irish heritage theme for all of us celtic folks? Greatly appreciated and great work. Some of the better themes I've seen so far. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by trukansan View Post
    Could anyone come up with Kansas State Wildcat theme?
    Yes, somebody please do this. I will donate, I already had a thread that I would pay 10$ for one, but no one accepted my offer apparently.
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    My wife would love a Care Bears theme, more specifically a Cheer Bear theme...would happily donate for a well made one!
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    Any way we can see a Oregon Ducks theme be made? with the wings and all? Something real cool w/ black being main color, yellow and green being accents.
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    Can you make biblical theme with Jesus Christ, Angels, bible and so on
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    please, please, please,please!!!!
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    A university of Alabama theme
    a Sons of Anarchy tv series on FX theme
    A DC shoes theme
    any or all would be grately appreciated
    u need images for any let me know got good pic ideas just cant figure out how to make one
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    Could you make a Chamillionaire theme. this would be greatly appreciated
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    My guess is someone has already suggested a Calvin and Hobbes theme but if they haven't I'd like to be the first. I had another good idea but it must have flown away. I'll be back!
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    Can you make a Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals theme...por favor
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    Will any of these themes work with Pixi? If not, please help and create some... Thanks.
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    Not sure if you are still taking request but I would love to see any or all of the below:
    Betty Boop
    Washington Redskins
    NJ Devils
    Navy Aviator Insigna
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Kenneth Cole
    Mercedes Benz


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