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    New theme has been posted... ok the husker theme will be on hold will do the MC theme first then husker ... I was prior Army ...
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    how about a tech n9ne theme
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    We could really use a Penn State theme.. and I wouldn't mind seeing a Saturn Sky theme, but that's just me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblake1030 View Post
    New theme has been posted... ok the husker theme will be on hold will do the MC theme first then husker ... I was prior Army ...
    Thank you!!! Thank you for your service!!!! You da man!!
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    Can you make a christian or spiritual like the holy ghost and Jesus Christ and heaven and bible theme? I will be very grateful
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    Could you also make a US Navy theme, too?
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    theme for pro-photographers....

    why not all themes have color codes icons for WIFI, EVDO and BTH ?
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    Would like to see a Japanese theme. Not looking for anime...but more around actual Japanese culture. Particularly the katana style samurai swords. Perhaps Japanese characters for some of the icons?
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    Could you make a theme and call it "WinApp" or something along the line? Combine icons from Win 7 and Mac OSX.
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    I think a theme from the movie/book where the wild things are would be awesome.... extremely detailed with icons, wallpapers, and application images... that would be a sick theme
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    Could you add a University of Iowa theme. I see most of the top teams listed but not the Hawkeyes. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyjaw View Post
    How about an Auburn Tigers theme
    I second the Auburn University theme! Your work rocks!
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    is there any way you can create a lil wayne theme..that would be awesom, w icons and pics.
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    Sons of Anarchy
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    Could you do a nike sb theme please? Thanks
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    Hey i would like a good christian theme!
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    what about an oakley theme. please go all out on this theme i am willing to donate to you if you make this
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    I would like to see a Pittsburgh Penguins Theme, please
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    Jessica Alba theme!
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    I would love to see a Libra theme similiar to the Scorpio one you did. I would be willing to pay?

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