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    MN Vikings Theme
    is available here:

    Credit to Madolen as I copied his Stellers Theme and modified it to a better team

    I plan on making some updates but wanted to get this uploaded for now.

    If you have some better graphics to use let me know.

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    It would be cool if there were football icons for the launcher, messaging, web, phone, etc. much like the redskins or SF ones on

    thanks for the theme and look forward to the updates
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    Just checked out the redskins theme, I was looking around for a headset graphic like that for the phone. I have some other ideas for the launcher and other icons, when I get around to another update I will update most if not all of the main icons.
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    Is it possible to get this up on is the launcher page the vikings cheerleaders?

    what are the icons you have, is that a telescope?

    i also think the phone background would be cooler as the main background?
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    I'll check into, I'd rather keep it in one place, but understand installing via preware lets you theme untethered. Hopefully Precentral will have a feed for installing soon.

    Yes, it is the Vikings cheerleaders though I have no idea how current the photo is.

    Headset - Phone, Scroll - Mail, SLR Camera with Huge Lens - Camera, Viking Ship on Earth - Browser, First Down Marker - Launcher

    I kind of liked the minamalist image for the main background, but I could think about changing it around. One advantage of downloading the zip and using webos internals is that it would be extemely easy to just rename the phone background image as the home screen image and install how you like it.
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    use these
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