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    It would be so cool if someone could make a Naruto Shippuuden theme. I was planning on making one myself, but don't know how to. I'll have to research it some more I guess. Anyway, it could include Naruto's Rasengan, Sasuke's Chidori, Itachi's Sharingan and Kakashi...It'd be really great for the anime fans of PreCentral...Whaddaya think??
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    naruto is for noobs
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    brandon bailey im sure there are people who are more advanced in anime than you who would call you a nube 2...
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    Quote Originally Posted by brandon bailey View Post
    naruto is for noobs
    i actually watch the show its awesome !!!

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    i requested a naruto shippuden theme on Palm Pre Themes - Home if u guys want it to happen jus reply n view so he can see that people r interested in d way its in the forums area..
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    yea that would b awesome...that show crazy hot

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