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    I get an error occured everytime I try to install a IPK theme....any ideas?
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    What is the error? What are you using to install? WOQI? PreWare?
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    here is my error message....any Ideas? I can install themes from this site which are ready to go...but the IPK themes from other site is when I get this error.
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    update....I get the same error on ALL IPK files I try installing, what should I do?
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    update...I think I found the problem. I need to install the OMAP3430 driver, it keeps asking me to. Where can I find this driver?
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    everytime i try to update the files it says i need to on my gui i get errors on the ipk download. I am doing tweaks on a pre. Im using windows xp. i have deleted and reinstalled webosquick install and the web doctor. i have restored my phone to default. I tried doing the orca download but i cant find the folder you are talking about.
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