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    thank you shadavis for the link
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    how do i get the original icons back on my ppre?
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    ive noticed from gradually making a theme that is that what ever isnt changed from an old theme in the new theme will continue to be there so if the new theme you downloaded ..doesnt support a code to change a certain icon then the icon will remain to be what ever it was before the new theme unless the themester ad all the extra code to change things back to normal
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    Having problem installing apps after changing themes, please help.
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    I am unable to go back to the default theme as well. The button is greyed out in webOS. I have only installed the one theme. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I am having a similar problem. Uninstallted the black Iphone theme and installed the Ratchet and Clank Theme to show the kids who cool my phone was... went to uninstall it and revert to default, but I have some remnants of the Ratchet theme. The ratchet boot screen is still there as are the ratchet icons for the phone, messenger, launcher, email, web, tasks, updates, and device info! In addition, the background behind the phone is still there. Tried reinstalling the theme and then uninstalling once more, but the remnants remain. Tried the WebOs Repair, but apparently the Webdoctor is not compatible with the latest version of .... I tried installing the default icon IPK, to no avail. I went ahead, backed up my data, and did a full erase. I still have the remnant icons, phone screen, and boot screen. Interestingly enough, my patches (4x4 icons, battery %, etc.) are still functioning, though they do not show up under installed patches in preware. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
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    I also cannot revert back to the default theme. I only installed 1 theme (MACOSX) which is a great theme but the the WebOS Quick Install Themer window says I have my default theme (which I do not) so the revert to default button is grayed out. Any help would be appreciated.
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    i cant get my default theme back its not an option on my theme installer
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    I think the best way is to only have one theme installed and uninstall it before going to another.
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